April 28 Unity Temple, 7-10pm

Join us, and another 15 or so performers/bands, for a delightful evening of songs dedicated to supporting young musicians through scholarship.  Yep, it’s the annual Spring Music Festival at Unity Temple in Oak Park.  This has been a pet project of Ray Holdsworth’s, our drummer extraordinaire, who has been producing this evening (along with a whole host of committee members) for something like 20 years.  We raise money through ticket sales for the UTUUC Music Program and the Vocal Scholarship Competition, which through a rigorous audition process, supports promising high school vocal students with scholarship monies to continue their studies.  Awardees then perform at a service in the following year.

It’s a great show and you will not be disappointed with the big hearts and big sounds shared by this caring community. Come help us keep the music flowing.

Shoot us an email and we will share with you how to buy tickets.