Outtaspace Jan 27 with Kaldi Jones

Happy New Year! May 2018 be full of art, inspiration, and peace for you and your beloveds. May it be the same also for those who we struggle to connect with, so that our collective worlds can embrace greater joy. After all, what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding anyway?

We are looking forward to sharing a night of music with local band Kaldi Jones, Jan 27, 2018.  Our Victoria and Kaldi Jones’ Jeff Kust have shared the stage multiple times in the past back in the days of Hoot Nights at Schubas hosted by Tom Dunning, as well as a few go arounds at The Hideout with friends Jacquie Krupka and others. Kaldi Jones is sure to satisfy with their roots focused revival set.  Here’s a tune from a show this summer “Jacob Sings the Blues.” And a little “California Dreaming” in January is always a good thing too.

Come join us at Berwyn’s ever enjoyable Outtaspace at 6840 32nd St. in the Depot District.

Till then, we are going to go and play some Nick Lowe and meditate on world peace. Or maybe some local peace. That would be good too.

Happy New Year!