OMG, why another bLOG?!

Well, because we have stuff to tell you about of course.  We are going to share the mic on this one, but I’m getting it started, so here goes…

Cool summer update:  A few of us road-tripped to Milwaukee for Summerfest and geeked out of cool bands for a couple of days.  My new heroes are Alabama Shakes.  Such a wonderful show we saw at the main stage.  Pay attention to the dudes too – not just Brittany Howard.  Great band.  Y’all should catch them when they are in town.  Seriously.

Although summer is a great time to relax and go see bands, we have been doing a lot of that ourselves, as well as exploring loads of new tunes written by brilliant songwriters we love.  Some old ones, some new ones.  All with a lot of hutzpah.

Watch for future posts on what is up with us.  A private party in October and a few pub shows will be focal points for the fall, along with the fall beers of course.

Ta ta — Victoria (vocals and acoustic stringy thingies)

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